Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shabab Souri (Syrian Youth) 2008

When I decided to become an animator and quit graphic design for good, I applied for a grant from Damascus Capital of Culture 2008.
Back then, I had a simple idea for a script in mind and only knew how to use after effects to animate puppets.
It was quite optimistic to ask for money, to make my first short film, without having any real experience in writing or in animation... But it worked!

Ah.. La jeunesse!... :) 


T.H. said...

Yasmeen this is amazing
I liked they way you portraid his dreams when he fell down, and how you reflected the different kinds of people that reached the dead end and slammed through the wall


Yasmeen Fanari said...

Thanks Tammuz,

I'm very glad that you like it :)