Friday, September 24, 2010


ABCDoublespeak from Yasmeen Fanari on Vimeo.

ABCDoublespeak is a reminder of the evil and grotesque nature of the words used to describe violence in our world. This new dictionary does not have a filter and unveils the reality behind these words, which are masked by a positive image within the public media. Synchronized to the popular song ‘the ABCs’, which children use to learn their alphabet, ABCDoublespeak reads between the lines and shows how innocents and facts can be distorted by warfare and armed conflict. Using traditional animation, pixilation and motion graphics, this video creates a new song, ‘Our Modern Times ABC,’ that children from war-ravaged communities sing too many times and know all too well.
Toolkit: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffect, Dragon Stop Motion and Flash

Here's few updates from 2012:

ABCDoublespeak was a real success this year!
Yes! Apparently the idea of the film got a deeper depth after the Syrian revolution birth in March 2011.

This year ABCDoublespeak was projected in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris during the Spring of Arabic Cinema Days at Cinema La Clef.

Not to forget that it was projected late March 2011 in Damascus at the animation festival at the French Cultural Center.

During the show at Cinema La Clef

At the end of the show in Berlin


YAN said...

I love it ... it is so creative ... keep it up Yasmeen

Waiting for the rest of the letters too :D

Mhd. Saeed Al Rawass said...

i like so much...bravo